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Dental implants in Los Angeles

It can be embarrassing to have missing teeth. Missing teeth tend to make for an uncomfortable experience eating, speaking or even smiling in public. Many people are missing teeth due to injury, gum disease, or may have teeth that never developed at all. Fortunately, a dental implant procedure can replace missing teeth no matter what the cause may be. As an accomplished dentist in Santa Monica, Dr. Koshki offers the dental implants Los Angeles residents need to have full and healthy smiles. With the many outstanding treatment options offered here at the dental office of Dr. Moeiz Koshki, you’ll never have to worry about hiding your smile again.

At the, we have the skill and expertise to perform a range of dental treatments for anyone in need of outstanding service. Our procedures are safe and effective and performed with the skill needed to minimize chances of pain or discomfort for our patients. Our services include cosmetic treatments to bring out the very best smile in anyone who seeks our care, and high caliber dental implants in Santa Monica CA. We provide a warm and friendly environment at our facility so that patients who seek our top notch care will also be at ease, and as comfortable as possible.

Dental Implants Los Angeles

High Quality Cosmetic Treatments

Dental implants are long-lasting tooth root replacements. Our dental implants in Los Angeles are meticulously designed to provide the look and feel of natural teeth. While not everyone is perfectly suited for dental implants (the patient must have adequate bone density and a formidable immune system), those who do undergo the procedure enjoy a tremendous success rate. Dr. Koshki is highly experienced with these procedures which is why residents seek our care for topnotch Santa Monica dental implants.

The implant process requires three visits over the course of a few months, depending on the case. The first appointment will be to place the actual implant. Successful dental implants depend on the implant integrating properly with the jawbone, which will take place over the next three to four months. The patient then returns to have the implant exposed. An abutment (connector) is placed on the dental implant to extend it above the gum line. Once the gums have healed, an impression of the implant is taken to fabricate the crown. The final step is placing the crown. Dr. Koshki has the experience and skill to handle every step of the procedure with precision making us a top choice for Santa Monica dental implants.

Replacing more than one tooth with dental implants is also an option, and may be necessary. These implants would hold a complete bridge or partial denture. The implant process is essentially the same whether one or many teeth are being replaced. It takes time and effort to make dental implants successful. If you commit yourself to the care of your mouth, your implants can provide you with a lifetime of healthy-looking smiles. Anyone looking for dental implants in Santa Monica should look no further than the outstanding service offered by Dr. Koshki. Feel free to contact us directly with questions about the cost of dental implants, or about the any aspect of the procedure.